Custom Fuel, Oil, Water & Brake Plumbing Service

Exclusively using Brown & Miller Products, the ultimate in weight savings and longevity. Never worry about those push lock fittings or dry rot lines again. Brown & Miller Convoluted Hose is Methanol stable and stays flexible without the concern of collapse. Brown & Miller fittings are recognized as the industry standard, all fittings are a one-piece swept bend design. There are no welded, glued or brazed joints on these fittings. The constant internal radius has no necked down restriction or abrupt change in angle that can increase pressure drop or obstruct flow.

Send us the details of the line you need and we can make it in our shop and get it right out to you. Need a custom fit, no problem. We can come to you or send you the fittings and hose for you to mark and return it to us. We will crimp on the ends and get it right back to you.

Complete packages: We will come to your shop and custom fit a hose & line package specifically for your needs (or bring us your current lines and we can make an exact match).

All sizes from 2AN to 16AN.

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