Shock Dynoing Service

$5 – non adjustable

$10 – Single Adjustable with full range graphed

$20 – Double Adjustable with full range graphed

Have your shocks Dyno’d by 87SPEED on one of our Roehrig shock Dynos. Tested to your specifications to maintain consistency with you shock program.

Roehrig dynamometers have the industry’s most advanced test control and damper analysis software. Used by NASCAR Nextel cup teams and major shock manufacturers.

Roehrig Dyno Capabilities:
• 2” Stroke
• Speeds up to 20 inches per second
• Static and dynamic gas tests
• Constant Velocity Plot
• Peak Velocity Plot
• Multiple Constant Velocity Plot
• Friction testing
• Easy to read graphs and statistical analysis
• Pass/Fail validation
• Signal v. time collections

Understanding a shock dyno graph

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