Torsion Bar Rating Service

$10.00 per bar – 30” or 29”, We will send you a print out and label your bar with its average rate. When you buy your bars from us we will break them in and then rate them so there ready to put in the car and race!

87SPEED with rate your torsion bars and provide print out with rate per degree of twist. This service will NOT tell you if a bar is bad. What it will tell you is what the actual spring rate of the bar. Why do I care? You may ask.

All Racers: We have found drastic differences in rates between torsion bar manufactures when it comes to Size/Rate. One manufactures 950 can be almost the same as another’s 925. We also see as much as 5% difference in size/rate within the same manufactures bars. The only way to know what you are putting in your car is have your torsion bars rated.

Sprint Cars Racers: How many times after changing a bar have you not got the on track results you were expecting? You may point to: track conditions, tires, or even a bad bar. Well it could have been that the change in bar rate wasn’t anywhere near what you thought it was going to be. In the graph below we have 3 – 1025 & 3 – 1000 torsion bars that we ran last year. Without knowing the rates of these bars we could have made a change between a 1025 bar and a 1050 bar that was only a 4% change in rate or we could have had as much as a 12% change in rate. That is a huge difference. Without knowing the rates of the bars you are putting in your car you can’t expect to have consistent results.

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